Brand Identity.

You take the wheel & we’ll ride shotgun.

Orange futuristic car

Your Brand Identity is the answer.

If your Branding was a car, your Brand Identity would be its engine!

The key to successful branding is your Brand Identity. It is a “must-have”, not a “nice to have”. Without it, investing money and time in any branding is pointless. As pointless as a car without an engine because it’s not going anywhere in a hurry. Of course, you could push it or do a Fred Flintstone! You might still get where you wanted to go eventually, but it would take forever and be a lot of hard work.

Orange futuristic car with business man gesturing happily out window

Why your Brand Identity is vital.

Buckle up, because where we’re going we don’t need roads!

That is why your Brand Identity is vital. It makes connecting with your customers and growing your business a smoother ride. Better than hoping for the best on a bumpy road full of car wrecking potholes. Like a car, your branding needs you to drive it. Being behind the wheel gives you a clearer understanding of what your Brand Identity does. It lets you spot the bumps and avoid the potholes in the road ahead, so you can make better decisions about your branding.

How your Brand Identity works.

Your Brand Identity is what makes Branding possible.

Your Brand Identity is there to help you make decisions about your branding. It puts everything in one place to let you focus only on what you need, making those decisions easier. Such as deciding to pump the brakes before you go full throttle. Saving you from spending time and money on a new website when all you need is to give your messaging a slight tweak.

Orange futuristic car with car hood open showing complicated engine

You need your Brand Identity now.

Whether it's a brand-new engine or a tune-up. We’ve got the tools for both!

It is never too early or too late to build your Brand Identity. It can be used to refine any exisiting branding as well as create something brand new. No matter what stage you are at, whether starting up, scaling up, product launching or new service offering, your Brand Identity is essential if you don’t want your branding to end up on the scrap heap.

Fully Fluxed.

"It was a no brainer to turn to Flux for this project – they guided us brilliantly through the whole process, and we’re delighted with the results. We now have a flexible set of resources that give us a strong cohesive visual identity across our digital marketing, social media, literature, graphics and corporate stationery."

Business man surprised with arms open standing next to orange car

How to make your Branding better.

Slide over the bonnet, jump in that driving seat and let’s fire up this wild ride!

Put your head between your legs and kiss the old way of branding goodbye! Brace yourself as we blast off towards the Brand Identity your business was destined to have!