Better Brand Experience.

Branding that will transform your business.

We are a small but mighty Aberdeen-based branding agency. Making better brands by using strategy and creativity to establish a meaningful connection between our clients and their audience.

There’s no room for shortcuts when it comes to developing effective branding strategies. We work with likeminded people who are open to having some fun along the way.

Branding is more than just looks.

If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, acts like a duck… it’s a duck!

We know that you know that branding is more than simply looking good. You get that branding has to be more than just putting your logo on things. That it must be a truly authentic representation of your business for it to work. You understand that branding isn’t a quick, short-term fix and that time needs to be dedicated to it. But managing to commit time is difficult when you’re running a business.

Business man wearing duck bill looking cool and impressed
Business man wearing duck bill looking surprised with arms open

Your Branding isn’t up to the task.

If your customers want a duck, then sitting in a pond saying quack isn’t going to cut it... even if your name is Howard!

You are at the very beginning and just don’t know where to start. You are ready to scale up your business and are worried your branding isn’t up to the task. You want to offer a new service and make sure it fits everything else you do. You’ve worked hard to launch your product but are frustrated that your message just isn’t connecting with your customers.

Your Branding needs to be better.

If only you could get all your ducks in a row!

You know you need to tackle your branding differently, but you are unsure how. You want someone to help guide you towards getting your branding right. Someone who will be there as you take that first step in facing a blank canvas, ready to offer advice if you need a refresh or to hold your hand to make rebooting your branding less scary!

Business man hold duck bill with duck feet looking confused

What your Branding should do.

Branding should grab your customers attention, keep them interested and make sure they won’t look anywhere else. Here’s the secret: it is you and your passion that makes that happen. We are just here to duck you up!


Look like a Duck.

Grab your customers’ attention. Make them choose you by looking like what they need.


Sound like a Duck.

Keep your customers interested. Validate that you not only look the part, but sound like the right choice too.


Act like a Duck.

Show your customers you are authentic. Confirm their choice, turning need into want so they won’t look anywhere else.

Fully Fluxed.

“Flux were invaluable during the rebranding process at Winchesters. They pulled together our vague comments and ideas and was able to get to the heart of our goals and plans. Before creating visuals that perfectly encapsulated what we were looking for.”

Duck bill and name badge saying Howard

Your next step towards better Branding.

We know you are ready to be the best damn duck you can be. So let’s do this!

We are talking Duck Skywaddler, Superduck, James Pond (Licence to Bill), Quack Bauer, Samuel L Quackson…all rolled into one bad mother-ducker!!!